January 19, 2011

What He Wore on Wednesday

Last week when I told you that Cruz was going through less outfits did you chuckle to yourself? Did you think, "Wow, she really is a mama-in-training if she thinks that's going to last." It's okay, I deserved it.

Holy smokes.

Oh how I love this sleepy face!

There is a picture missing here. I put Cruz into one outfit right before we left for work. Twenty minutes later, I was changing his entire outfit in the back of my car before we even set foot in the office. So here was his first outfit of the work day:

Let's not worry about the shirt and pants not matching, shall we? Because we were soon onto something completely different.

At this point we had run out of pants in the diaper bag and I was praying to make it until 2pm.
Like, wondering I could fashion my cardigan into some sort of onesie. 
 We just made it. By 2:30, Cruz was wearing this:

I am delighted to say that he's now wearing 3-6 month clothing. Cruz is delighted to have found his hands. I don't know what this will mean for his relationship(s) with his (8) paci(s). 

I have been waiting a long time for Cruz to fit these jammies!

Goodnight, lions!


  1. wow! cruz must have some impressive bowels. Judah rarely needs more than one outfit a day! on the upside you are getting your moneys worth out of each outfit you own!

  2. that, and we'll be trying a new brand of diapers. :P


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