January 25, 2011

What Is Sure To Be An Ongoing Series

Dear Lady,

We here at Cruz Justin, Inc always love to hear the public's opinion on how we're doing. Thank you for your recent comments. 

We also share your concerns about "taking the baby out" at this age. Was it the weather that concerned you? It's true-- we don't want Cruz to get too familiar with this balmy Santa Barbara weather because he'll never survive anywhere else! Perhaps in the future we'll dress him in less layers to help him toughen up. 

Your next concern was about germs. Thank goodness you were there to lean into his stroller to make sure there weren't any! The baby has a doctor's appointment next week. We hope you'll consider coming along to voice this.

Most of all, we thank you in advance for the babysitting we're sure you'll be doing for us. The mother tends to get a touch of le cabin fever when cooped up indoors. What a blessing that you'll watch Cruz while she gets out and about!

With thanks,
The Management 

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