September 26, 2012

what {we} wore on wednesday

like the rest of the civilized world, tovi and i love downton abbey. 
we love it and we are often confounded by it. if you were to watch it with us, you would hear comments like, "his whole job is to brush dandruff off lord grantham's coat! omg." or, "would you care to come to dinner? naturally you'll have brought a tuxedo with you." you know, really profound stuff. and i guess a lot of stuff about their clothes. 

i bring this up because i am trying to wear more real outfits and it is feeling like a stretch.
i think i need a valet.

obviously i don't casually wear black dresses around the home. had an early breakfast meeting. later, i covered up snot stains on the shoulders with a scarf. functional and fashionable!

this little guy has been majorly under the weather. still in pajamas when i dropped him off with his grandparents.

cruz thinks that the dr.'s office is a playdate. today was one of the only days i've gone and not run into a friend. good thing too because this was one of the only happy moments he had at the appointment. (but dr. iris worked her magic and he's feeling much better tonight)

is this shirt starting to get a little snug? cruz doesn't like to have his belly show (so modest), and he was tugging it down all afternoon. here we are out for a casual walk and some "car on the yellow bump" watching. 

on our way home from the walk, tovi called from the westmont soccer game to ask if we would meet him for dinner at china palace (aka china pavilion aka only my favorite restaurant of all time). yes! new outfit! i wish you could see my ankle boots in this picture. i bought them for london but never wore them because they would have felt like death on my feet. 

and that was our wednesday! xoxo. 

September 23, 2012

london resolutions

we're back from a tremendous week in london. it was a good thing we left the baby behind with my parents, because otherwise i would have been tempted to chuck my plane ticket and stay. for.e.ver.
i get so energized and inspired by city life (ok, city vacation life + perfect weather + no responsibilities), and on the plane ride home, i wrote down a couple of "london resolutions" that i hope to share here as they unfold, just to keep me a little accountable.

one of my first resolutions sounds super silly and vain,  but here it is: wear more real outfits, less yoga pants. 
the whole trip i felt so confident and pulled together, somewhat the opposite of how i feel at home. i'd like to keep that feeling. i was so excited that i started writing this post as an all-outfit post... which turned out, in fact, to be super silly and vain of me. so... outfits with pictures and narration of our trip! take it away!

if flying with a toddler can be hell, flying without a toddler is heaven. never have ten hours on a plane flown by with such bliss. we watched episodes of parks and rec, movies, someone brought us food and then cleared it away. i recommend international travel highly. 

for the first few days of our trip, we stayed at a little boutique hotel called no. ten manchester. here we are about to hit the town, about two hours after landing. not a moment to waste!

we wandered and discovered st christopher's place a few blocks from where we were staying. st cp (as i'm going to call it) is a gorgeous couple of blocks of restaurants spilling over onto sidewalks and alleyways. it was a packed friday night, and i just sat at our table thinking, "yesss. we are here."

the next morning we found a branch of our favorite cafe from our last trip within a few blocks of the hotel. one giant plate of eggs benedict and one latte later, we were ready for a walk through regent's park. we seriously could not have asked for better weather-- sunny and warm. 
after our walk, it was time to go to craven cottage for the highlight of tovi's year-- fulham!!

the lads won three-nil (oooo, i am sooooooo english). celebrations all around! meat pies for everyone! over breakfast, tovi had drawn the starting lineup for me, so i felt impressed with myself for knowing all their names. we had a seriously good time. 

another delight of traveling without a toddler is that we could linger and walk and explore the city without a care for anyone's bedtime. after the game, tovi said, "let's go to covent garden for dinner!" so we did.

After dinner we had ice cream at the icecreamist, and i can't believe we didn't take a picture of this-- they serve a flavor made from breastmilk. "human breastmilk," the man specified in answer to my question. i will just leave it at that. 

the next morning was hyde park:


and harrods:

larger than life. 

and harry:

straight up dream come true.

on monday we packed our bags, and headed across town to stay with tovi's aunt and uncle. lucky for us, they work at salvation army international headquarters, right between st. paul's cathedral and the tate modern. 

but after a second round of eggs benedict, naturally.

all were amazing and inspiring. more resolutions: walk more. visit more museums. get around inspiring things. learn how to cook eggs benedict. 

we started the next morning with a walk through crystal palace park which hosts one of the world's first "purpose-built dinosaur exhibits." (crap! we've accidentally built another dinosaur exhibit!) this next picture is evidence that our aunt and uncle have a prestigious address and that i definitely still wore my yoga pants. old habits die hard.

we took the train back into london to visit borough market, the churchill war cabinets, walk about one million extra blocks by accident, and then see wicked!

on our last day, we went to the london eye (so touristy and yet so amazing), saw parliament, big ben, shopped at topshop (we'll all be wearing burgundy this fall, apparently), ate cookies on the street, and then saw the leonardo da vinci "anatomist" exhibit at the queen's gallery in buckingham palace. 

but first, one of my favorite outfits of the trip:

we ended the trip with such a highlight-- a long, lingering, and delicious dinner with tio popi and tia deise. it was such a fun blessing to stay with them. 

sniff, sniff. back to the airport in my best olsen twin travel chic.

i miss that grand old city. here's to london 2015!

September 5, 2012

what he wore on wednesday

sweet mercy, it was cloudy, and even rainy today. 
i cannot express how much i've been longing for this kind of weather. 
tovi and i leave for london next week, and today i gleefully reported to him that the weather will be cloudy and in the mid-60s. yesssssss. 

we start the morning (usually) with baby Bible time. cruz's favorite part is looking through the Bible for the rainbow, and drumming with his prayer sticks. 

oh, waking up from a nap is hard. especially when mama is trying to take your picture and won't let you hold the phone (i mean, i usually don't ever let him hold the phone, but he still believes in the dream).

 this afternoon our "abenture" took us downtown to old navy where the nice gal in the checkout line gave cruz a balloon and made his day.
(i adore this sweatshirt, and i will cry when he outgrows it)

cruz has been very sensitive about loud noises lately. barking dogs. the animatronic dinosaurs at the museum. honking geese. so i realize that i'm taking a risk by bringing a balloon into our home. if it pops in his presence, i think it would scar him for life. whew, being a mama is tough!

brushin' teeth.

my almost two-year-old loves loves loves reading through his dictionary. and he can say dictionary. seriously, i cannot get enough of this kid. every night we read through a couple of letters (tonight was E and F), and something about the dictionary just cracks him up! we read "face. george has ice cream on his face," and cruz had a full giggle meltdown. an hour after i laid him down, he was still giggling to himself. love. it. 

happy wednesday, friends!

September 4, 2012

go go go

we're coming off a tough week, and i needed a change. 
it's september, and i'm ready for a new season and a new start and a fresh perspective. 
today when cruz woke up from his nap, i told him we were going on an adventure. 
"go go go!" he yelled, running over to the front door. "on a' abenture!"

it was everything an adventure could want. 
pine "noodles." 
running into some other sweet MOPS mamas. 
questions about the color of the sky.

so thankful for the reminder that despite the occasional doubt and discouragement, i know i was made for a time such as this. 

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