September 5, 2012

what he wore on wednesday

sweet mercy, it was cloudy, and even rainy today. 
i cannot express how much i've been longing for this kind of weather. 
tovi and i leave for london next week, and today i gleefully reported to him that the weather will be cloudy and in the mid-60s. yesssssss. 

we start the morning (usually) with baby Bible time. cruz's favorite part is looking through the Bible for the rainbow, and drumming with his prayer sticks. 

oh, waking up from a nap is hard. especially when mama is trying to take your picture and won't let you hold the phone (i mean, i usually don't ever let him hold the phone, but he still believes in the dream).

 this afternoon our "abenture" took us downtown to old navy where the nice gal in the checkout line gave cruz a balloon and made his day.
(i adore this sweatshirt, and i will cry when he outgrows it)

cruz has been very sensitive about loud noises lately. barking dogs. the animatronic dinosaurs at the museum. honking geese. so i realize that i'm taking a risk by bringing a balloon into our home. if it pops in his presence, i think it would scar him for life. whew, being a mama is tough!

brushin' teeth.

my almost two-year-old loves loves loves reading through his dictionary. and he can say dictionary. seriously, i cannot get enough of this kid. every night we read through a couple of letters (tonight was E and F), and something about the dictionary just cracks him up! we read "face. george has ice cream on his face," and cruz had a full giggle meltdown. an hour after i laid him down, he was still giggling to himself. love. it. 

happy wednesday, friends!


  1. Which kids bible do you use? I am working on just reading through the new testament with j, but once he can interact more, I'll need a good kiddo bible!

  2. Hello I'm a new follower :)

    Your son is adorable! My little guy Owen (about 8 months) has the same jammies!


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