September 4, 2012

go go go

we're coming off a tough week, and i needed a change. 
it's september, and i'm ready for a new season and a new start and a fresh perspective. 
today when cruz woke up from his nap, i told him we were going on an adventure. 
"go go go!" he yelled, running over to the front door. "on a' abenture!"

it was everything an adventure could want. 
pine "noodles." 
running into some other sweet MOPS mamas. 
questions about the color of the sky.

so thankful for the reminder that despite the occasional doubt and discouragement, i know i was made for a time such as this. 


  1. are too darn cute. And on top of the have one awesome momma!!!

  2. Such a sweetie! You, too, Becca!
    Love, Aunt Judy

  3. Is this that cute park off of Placer? I just found it last week and love it!!


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