September 26, 2012

what {we} wore on wednesday

like the rest of the civilized world, tovi and i love downton abbey. 
we love it and we are often confounded by it. if you were to watch it with us, you would hear comments like, "his whole job is to brush dandruff off lord grantham's coat! omg." or, "would you care to come to dinner? naturally you'll have brought a tuxedo with you." you know, really profound stuff. and i guess a lot of stuff about their clothes. 

i bring this up because i am trying to wear more real outfits and it is feeling like a stretch.
i think i need a valet.

obviously i don't casually wear black dresses around the home. had an early breakfast meeting. later, i covered up snot stains on the shoulders with a scarf. functional and fashionable!

this little guy has been majorly under the weather. still in pajamas when i dropped him off with his grandparents.

cruz thinks that the dr.'s office is a playdate. today was one of the only days i've gone and not run into a friend. good thing too because this was one of the only happy moments he had at the appointment. (but dr. iris worked her magic and he's feeling much better tonight)

is this shirt starting to get a little snug? cruz doesn't like to have his belly show (so modest), and he was tugging it down all afternoon. here we are out for a casual walk and some "car on the yellow bump" watching. 

on our way home from the walk, tovi called from the westmont soccer game to ask if we would meet him for dinner at china palace (aka china pavilion aka only my favorite restaurant of all time). yes! new outfit! i wish you could see my ankle boots in this picture. i bought them for london but never wore them because they would have felt like death on my feet. 

and that was our wednesday! xoxo. 


  1. Um, I am completely in luhrve with that black dress! Also, ankle boots and china p? I am sooo jealous of your life right now. love you!

    1. I love that dress too! The only thing that would have made dinner better would be you. xoxox

  2. You're making me think I should really start watching Downton Abbey! ...and start wearing real clothes!

  3. Ahhh he is cool beyond his years!!Following you with BlogLovin!! Feel free to followback!!
    Have a great day!

  4. Becca, I've missed your blogs!!! Hope you guys are doing well!


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