December 30, 2010

Does it matter...

... if you think you may have accidently dressed your son in girls' pants? And because they look great and comfy, will continue to do so?

December 29, 2010

What {We} Wore on Wednesday

My sister-in-law and I joke about how the boy clothes in baby stores are always waaaaay in the back, hidden in some dark corner. 
Clearly these stores are missing out on some major profits, because I dress my boy in {several} outfits every day. 
The more the merrier.
Hear that, Baby Gap?

Cruz started off the morning wearing a froggy towel and a double chin.
God bless Carters, and their onesie four-packs.
I decided to wear this sweater even though I knew full well that it had spit-up down the back. But it looked awesome with this outfit! So now you know where my priorities lie.
{Thanks for the great Christmas present, Mom!}
You can't really see it, but Cruz is wearing an awesome monkey hoodie-- one of my favorites on him.
Cruz wore this Tigger outfit for a shockingly short amount of time.
Cozy, cozy polar bear outfit on this stormy afternoon.

Happy Wednesday!

Today While You Were Napping

Today while Cruz was napping, I got a lot done. {Can I get an "amen" for morning naps?}
Made the bed.
Got in a workout.
Ate breakfast.
Dressed and started typing this post.
Thank you, Lord, for creating morning naps

If you know me at all, you probably know that I do my best thinking in the shower. If I have one of those keep-you-up-at-night problems, I can usually have some confidence that I will work it out while sudsing my hair the next morning. {If you know me at all, hopefully this helps to explain why I take such long showers.}

So this morning between rinse and repeat, I thought about parenting. Cruz is almost three months old now, and I think we have the basics down. He's growing, he's sleeping, he seems to be healthy, he recognizes Tovi and I, and he smiles all the time. It's time to step up our game. 

There are two overarching prayers that I say for Cruz: 
Please let him love God and love people 
and May he be healthy, happy and strong in the Lord 

So how do I get down to the business of raising him to be that way?
I know where my strengths lie: we sing, we dance, we look at pictures with strong contrast. While Cruz is not a scheduled baby, I have certainly tried hard to create a predictable routine for him. He knows that when he cries, we'll pick him up. And by now, we should all be convinced that he'll always be wearing a great outfit.

But let me confess to you my weakness: I hate making him do something he doesn't like. From cleaning out his nose to rolling him over for tummy time, I cringe knowing that my happy baby is about to turn into a sad, crying ball of a baby. But what can I do? It's my job as his Mama to help him grow up healthy and strong. I hope he understands {throughout his life} that we are making choices for his well-being and for his future. All that so that someday he won't be afraid of hard work, of pain, of being uncomfortable for the things that are right, healthy and good. 
Waking up happy. Mama knows you need your sleep!

December 27, 2010

Confessions of a New Mama: Part Two

While we were at home for Christmas, Cruz had Grandma and Grandpa access 24/7. Mama always time to nap, to straighten her hair, to read fantastic detective novels... I miss that. 

We have a little Zoolander on our hands. Cruz seems to only go to the left.

So Cruz usually sleeps through the night, but somehow I still have the hardest time waking up in the morning. My life would be much easier if I could get myself up before he wakes up-- I could brush my teeth, take a shower, pet the dog. Haven't disciplined myself to do this yet. However...

... I am going back to work soon, and a lot of the sweet routines we've created here at home will be over. I really like my job, my co-workers, and I even get to take Cruz to work with me. But still. The thought of going back to work gives me a dull roar of panic in my stomach.

I am so convinced that Cruz is above average in just about everything (except looking to the right) that I've stopped googling baby milestones. This is probably not a healthy attitude.

I'm back on a normal diet! Upside: unlimited access to Christmas cookies. Downside: unlimited access to Christmas cookies. 

I wish there was an easy way to go to the bathroom while the baby is awake.

I'm going to brag for a sec: Cruz is a champion flyer!! He has been on three different airplanes and didn't make a peep on any of the flights. London, here we come!!

Cruz's cheeks are so big and delicious that I actually gnaw on them. Nom nom...

I have become addicted to

I guess being a Mama means losing any qualms about picking boogers out of someone else's nose.

I am head over heels in love with this boy. Everyone tells me that it keeps getting better. In a couple of months I might only be recognizable as a blubbering mass of sentimentality. Cheers!

December 17, 2010

Calling the Shots

Get it? It's wordplay, because this post will be about shots. And calling them. 

We chose not to vaccinate Cruz in the hospital, so him turning two months old signified many fun things (lifting up his head! sleeping through the night! big smiles!), but it also meant that we needed to start talking to our pediatrician about vaccines. 

Let's change that wording. Not talking to, talking with.

We have a great ped. She is a fabulous combination of Christian, professional, and crunchy granola. 
Or at least the Santa Barbara version of crunchy.

The waiting room at our doctor's office
Obviously, vaccines are a loaded topic. Everybody has an opinion, and the internet is rife with loud voices on all sides of the debate. And all those voices are enough to make a Mama-in-Training in crazy! What if vaccines are as scary as the theories say they are? 
What if we don't vaccinate and our precious boy gets sick from something we could have prevented?

At our last appointment, the doctor asked us to read The Vaccine Book by the younger Dr. Sears. 
{You may recall what happened when I followed the advice of the elder Sears!}
The book was great. No matter what a parent decides about vaccinating their child, I think it's empowering to know the ins and outs of vaccines. After all, we know our children best, and can work with our doctors to ensure that we're giving our babies appropriate protection. 
Together with our doctor, based on Cruz's risk factors, we got to make a decision about how to appropriately and wisely vaccinate our child.

Again, Cruz hadn't received any shots in the hospital, so today was his first.
I held him on my lap, all roly-poly in his diaper. We chose to do one shot and one oral vaccine. 
I kissed the top of Cruz's head, preparing for the wail that was sure to come.
Such a trooper! Cruz didn't cry at all!
At least, I like to think that it's because he's a trooper.

And not, as one lady called him, passive.
{Lady, Cruz was calm and quiet because he was gazing at his One True Love right behind you. The Christmas Lights.}

He has spent the rest of the day feeling snuggly. 
And Mama feels good about making an informed decision for her boy.

December 15, 2010

What He Wore On Wednesday

I love Wednesdays! Here we go!
Auntie Carrie came over to play, so Cruz got to wear his science romper. Robots!
This sweater was perfect for a holiday shopping playdate with Ashley and Baby Rand. Ok, it was more of a playdate for the Mamas.
We love puppies around here! I can't wait for Cruz to start noticing Abby. Did you notice the giant spit-up stain on the shirt? We quickly moved on to...
Around here we call this the Gray Monster. 
Sooooo tired! We can't tell if these are ducks or chickens on the jammies. Ok, in the picture it looks like a duck, but some of the other animals look like chickens. We were teasing Cruz about these jammies, and it made him cry! Uh-oh.

December 14, 2010

Trials and Tribulations

5pm is the worst! I'm tired, Cruz is cranky, Abby needs someone to play with, and we're all ready for Daddy to get home. So to combat the evening fade, Cruz and I have developed the 5pm Baby Dance Party. We'll be coming out with our DVD later this year. It's just that good.

We always start out by dancing to The Princess and the Frog soundtrack. 
...Trials and tribulations, I've had my share...

By the second song, we're shimmy-shaking across the living room. I'm even kicking the soccer ball, so Abby thinks that someone is playing with her. By the time Mama Odie belts out, Open up the windows and let in the light! we've decided that 5pm is our favorite time.

UPDATE: Did you know that I was on my school's Electric Slide Dance Team in second grade? Well, I busted out those moves today during 5pm Baby Dance Party. Genius! {By the way, an Electric Slide Dance Team is exactly what it sounds like}

December 13, 2010

Cruz is Two Months Old!

Get ready for a picture overload, because I'm two months old!

 I am very alert and interested in the world. My favorite things to look at are faces, lights, my Christmas ornaments and myself in the mirror!
 I was lucky to spend so much time with friends and family this month! I had visits from Grandma and Grandpa N, Uncle Josh, and Auntie Ani. I love having playdates with Auntie Sarah or Ashley and Rand. Granmby and Grandpa E live close by, and I get to see them often. We even had a sleepover!
 I'm getting BIG! Mama thinks I might be almost 12 pounds. We'll find out on Friday...
 I'm kind of a chatterbox. Mama and Daddy love all the sounds I make. Sometimes they call me Squeaker McGee, because I sound a little silly.
 I do my best napping in the car or stroller. But Mama doesn't mind, because I let her sleep at night!
 I am a very happy baby. 
 But there are a couple of things I hate: tummy time, getting a shirt put on me, getting my fingernails trimmed and having my nose cleaned out. 
Well, that's about it for Two Month Old Me. I know that I am abundantly loved and wonderfully made. 
Until next month,

Some days...

Some days are filled with stress. Too much sun. Too much drama. Not enough time. Too many expectations.

But then some days are perfect...

 Family breakfast at the beach
A walk along the Harbor
Reading outside while the baby naps

December 10, 2010

As if that last one didn't bring tears to your eyes...

I thought that I would be done weeping at every little thing since I was no longer pregnant. Then I heard this song, and cried like a crazy person in the car:

Be Brave

Isn't it magical how Christmas can mean something different every year. The elements of Christmas never change, especially in our family. Putting up the Nativity. Reading Psalms on Christmas Eve. Muppet Christmas Carol. Drinking orange juice before opening presents. Frosting sugar cookies. Angels. Shepherds. Babe in the manger. But within that, the Holy Spirit shines a light on the different characters. Maybe the shepherds are lit up and I'm learning about rejoicing. Maybe the part of the Wise Men is on my heart because it's a season of study and faithfulness. This year, not surprisingly, I've been drawn to the story of Mary and the angels.

Cruz and I have paused in our reading of Romans to spend time in our Advent devotional. The author has been writing about fear, and I've begun to pay attention. As a new mom, our first two months were filled with fear. Why isn't he eating? Why is he eating but throwing it all up? Why is his poop that color? Am I letting him cry to long? Am I not letting him cry long enough? He's such an easy baby... what am I missing? Is he as cute as I think he is? Hey Crazy Teenage Driver, don't even think about getting close to our car! Does he feel safe? Does he comprehend how deeply we love him?

And over and over... the angels reply: Fear not.

Not because there aren't things to fear, but because He is with us. To guard us, comfort us, to be our Light.

It's so hard to be brave sometimes. I want to be like Mary, to take heart when confronted by strange tidings, to trust in God's wisdom and goodness. As someone who naturally worries a lot, I know I won't always be the best model of this trust. Thank goodness my best friend is the bravest person I know! I am so excited for him to see that way she lives her life. 

I'm one small Mama, but I'm learning to be brave.

Cruz, I pray that you will be brave when you see angels, because they bring glad tidings of great joy.

December 8, 2010

What He Wore On Wednesday

Wouldn't it be funny if Cruz wore nothing but diapers every day of the week... but on Wednesdays I dressed him up because I knew I'd be posting his outfits?! Fortunately for Cruz, all his aunties are fashionistas, and I like them to see how cute he looks all week long. 

{By the way, I got the idea for posting his outfits from this blog and also this one. I don't know either of these ladies, and don't really remember how I stumbled across their blogs. But they seem like fun! I like to think that we'd be friends.}

So here we go!

 I love it when he wakes up happy! These jammies have such silly animals on them... and crazy blue feet!

 Sometimes no clothes are the best outfit of all! Look at how fast his arms are moving!

Just chillin'...wearing my dinosaur outfit...

Next outfit... bears! Mom and I saw this outfit while we were Christmas shopping over the weekend and decided that it was too cute not to have. 

Time for bed... cozy dino jammies. 

December 6, 2010


Want to know why we're in a celebratory mood today?

Cruz. Slept. Through. The. Night.

That's right, my boy is a genius. I don't mind bragging about this because I did absolutely nothing to get him to this point. In fact, just because he slept through the night doesn't mean that I did. I woke up at 4:30 am, a little surprised at how late it was. I listened for his little baby noises and drifted back to sleep. By 5:15, I was slightly worried. I rolled out of bed to put my hand lightly on Cruz's chest. Yup, still breathing. Back to sleep. When he finally cried shortly after 6, I jumped out of bed, more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than I remember being in a long time.

So how did he get that tuckered out? Maybe it's from doing activities 
all day long.

Or from watching the ornaments I hung over his changing table. As soon as Cruz sees those ornaments, he starts cooing, chatting, and kicking his legs like he's running. We've been hanging out at the changing table a lot lately. Cruz has a serious crush on those ornaments. They are his  Evangeline. (Oh, you haven't seen The Princess and the Frog? Go watch it right now. It's your new favorite.)

But whatever the reason, I sure am proud of my baby! And this may not happen again for months... I'm just living in the moment of a full night of rest!

NOTE: Lest you think it's all roses... a full night of sleep equals a SERIOUS diaper situation in the morning. By 7am we were doing laundry and had taken a bath...

December 5, 2010

Advent When It's Advent

We sat together in a dark church, as bundled up as we could get away with in southern California. Baby in between us. Singing Christmas carols. Yes, it's finally Advent.

...a people who have walked in darkness have seen a great light...

Here he is, my darling boy, the culmination of a nine-month personal Advent. The time of watching and waiting is over. Sitting in church, my heart felt like it would burst with thankfulness. In my pregnancy there were months of darkness. Months of "Lord, help me get through this day, this hour." In the midst of one of the most humbling and trying seasons of my life, I was blessed to journey with a dear friend who was also experiencing her own Advent. Together we commiserated over the trying nature of Advent, grumbled about the darkness, but also looked forward to the celebration.

Cruz, I hope you experience the celebration of Christmas! I can't wait to raise you as a boy and a young man who knows the true meaning of Christmas, who understands the value of going through the darkness to get to the light.  I want to show you that in life there will be times of trial, of sadness, of frustration, but that the reward of walking through that darkness is light and joy and celebration. Celebrating you every day of your life has been such a sweet journey over these last few weeks. Each day you astound me, and I feel awe that God picked us to be your parents.

And my sweet friend. Your Advent is coming to an end. Soon we'll be counting weeks and days instead of months. And you better believe that we're ready to celebrate.

December 2, 2010

Things You Should Say...

Things to say: "How old is your baby?"

Things not to say: "Seven weeks? Are you sure? He looks much younger than that. Are you breastfeeding?"

Yes, thank you, stranger. In fact, I do know when I GAVE BIRTH. What's your point?

December 1, 2010

What He Wore On Wednesday

Melts. My. Heart. 

I love this outfit! I couldn't believe that Cruz fit into it this morning. Now that he's into {some} 0-3 month clothing, a whole new wardrobe has been opened!

Bundled up at the Westmont Christmas Tree Lighting. Cruz, are you excited to be a Warrior in 17 years?

We started decorating for Christmas today! Cruz loves the ornaments I hung over his changing table. 

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