December 2, 2010

Things You Should Say...

Things to say: "How old is your baby?"

Things not to say: "Seven weeks? Are you sure? He looks much younger than that. Are you breastfeeding?"

Yes, thank you, stranger. In fact, I do know when I GAVE BIRTH. What's your point?


  1. stick your nose in other peoples business much??? I will punch them in the face!

  2. Andrea, that would have been a shocking beginning to the Christmas program. :) Makes me wish I was sassier, because it was a ridiculous comment. Anyone who has spent more than two hours with Cruz and I knows that it's more like "when is he not breastfeeding??!!"

  3. A good christmas program should always begin with a punch in the face. Keeps people on their toes for the rest of it. :P

  4. My dad says that we should start charging strangers to look at Cruz. Maybe that would discourage these types of thoughtless comments. Or at least I could charge extra!


comments make my day. xo.

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