December 29, 2010

Today While You Were Napping

Today while Cruz was napping, I got a lot done. {Can I get an "amen" for morning naps?}
Made the bed.
Got in a workout.
Ate breakfast.
Dressed and started typing this post.
Thank you, Lord, for creating morning naps

If you know me at all, you probably know that I do my best thinking in the shower. If I have one of those keep-you-up-at-night problems, I can usually have some confidence that I will work it out while sudsing my hair the next morning. {If you know me at all, hopefully this helps to explain why I take such long showers.}

So this morning between rinse and repeat, I thought about parenting. Cruz is almost three months old now, and I think we have the basics down. He's growing, he's sleeping, he seems to be healthy, he recognizes Tovi and I, and he smiles all the time. It's time to step up our game. 

There are two overarching prayers that I say for Cruz: 
Please let him love God and love people 
and May he be healthy, happy and strong in the Lord 

So how do I get down to the business of raising him to be that way?
I know where my strengths lie: we sing, we dance, we look at pictures with strong contrast. While Cruz is not a scheduled baby, I have certainly tried hard to create a predictable routine for him. He knows that when he cries, we'll pick him up. And by now, we should all be convinced that he'll always be wearing a great outfit.

But let me confess to you my weakness: I hate making him do something he doesn't like. From cleaning out his nose to rolling him over for tummy time, I cringe knowing that my happy baby is about to turn into a sad, crying ball of a baby. But what can I do? It's my job as his Mama to help him grow up healthy and strong. I hope he understands {throughout his life} that we are making choices for his well-being and for his future. All that so that someday he won't be afraid of hard work, of pain, of being uncomfortable for the things that are right, healthy and good. 
Waking up happy. Mama knows you need your sleep!

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