December 8, 2010

What He Wore On Wednesday

Wouldn't it be funny if Cruz wore nothing but diapers every day of the week... but on Wednesdays I dressed him up because I knew I'd be posting his outfits?! Fortunately for Cruz, all his aunties are fashionistas, and I like them to see how cute he looks all week long. 

{By the way, I got the idea for posting his outfits from this blog and also this one. I don't know either of these ladies, and don't really remember how I stumbled across their blogs. But they seem like fun! I like to think that we'd be friends.}

So here we go!

 I love it when he wakes up happy! These jammies have such silly animals on them... and crazy blue feet!

 Sometimes no clothes are the best outfit of all! Look at how fast his arms are moving!

Just chillin'...wearing my dinosaur outfit...

Next outfit... bears! Mom and I saw this outfit while we were Christmas shopping over the weekend and decided that it was too cute not to have. 

Time for bed... cozy dino jammies. 


  1. omg! I just love this guy. He's total chub; good chub! xo to you and your amazing family!

  2. He is so scrummy and munchable right now.

  3. this fashionable auntie gives a major stamp of approval! :) i need to get in a good snuggle SOON! xo


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