December 27, 2010

Confessions of a New Mama: Part Two

While we were at home for Christmas, Cruz had Grandma and Grandpa access 24/7. Mama always time to nap, to straighten her hair, to read fantastic detective novels... I miss that. 

We have a little Zoolander on our hands. Cruz seems to only go to the left.

So Cruz usually sleeps through the night, but somehow I still have the hardest time waking up in the morning. My life would be much easier if I could get myself up before he wakes up-- I could brush my teeth, take a shower, pet the dog. Haven't disciplined myself to do this yet. However...

... I am going back to work soon, and a lot of the sweet routines we've created here at home will be over. I really like my job, my co-workers, and I even get to take Cruz to work with me. But still. The thought of going back to work gives me a dull roar of panic in my stomach.

I am so convinced that Cruz is above average in just about everything (except looking to the right) that I've stopped googling baby milestones. This is probably not a healthy attitude.

I'm back on a normal diet! Upside: unlimited access to Christmas cookies. Downside: unlimited access to Christmas cookies. 

I wish there was an easy way to go to the bathroom while the baby is awake.

I'm going to brag for a sec: Cruz is a champion flyer!! He has been on three different airplanes and didn't make a peep on any of the flights. London, here we come!!

Cruz's cheeks are so big and delicious that I actually gnaw on them. Nom nom...

I have become addicted to

I guess being a Mama means losing any qualms about picking boogers out of someone else's nose.

I am head over heels in love with this boy. Everyone tells me that it keeps getting better. In a couple of months I might only be recognizable as a blubbering mass of sentimentality. Cheers!

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