December 15, 2010

What He Wore On Wednesday

I love Wednesdays! Here we go!
Auntie Carrie came over to play, so Cruz got to wear his science romper. Robots!
This sweater was perfect for a holiday shopping playdate with Ashley and Baby Rand. Ok, it was more of a playdate for the Mamas.
We love puppies around here! I can't wait for Cruz to start noticing Abby. Did you notice the giant spit-up stain on the shirt? We quickly moved on to...
Around here we call this the Gray Monster. 
Sooooo tired! We can't tell if these are ducks or chickens on the jammies. Ok, in the picture it looks like a duck, but some of the other animals look like chickens. We were teasing Cruz about these jammies, and it made him cry! Uh-oh.

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