December 13, 2010

Cruz is Two Months Old!

Get ready for a picture overload, because I'm two months old!

 I am very alert and interested in the world. My favorite things to look at are faces, lights, my Christmas ornaments and myself in the mirror!
 I was lucky to spend so much time with friends and family this month! I had visits from Grandma and Grandpa N, Uncle Josh, and Auntie Ani. I love having playdates with Auntie Sarah or Ashley and Rand. Granmby and Grandpa E live close by, and I get to see them often. We even had a sleepover!
 I'm getting BIG! Mama thinks I might be almost 12 pounds. We'll find out on Friday...
 I'm kind of a chatterbox. Mama and Daddy love all the sounds I make. Sometimes they call me Squeaker McGee, because I sound a little silly.
 I do my best napping in the car or stroller. But Mama doesn't mind, because I let her sleep at night!
 I am a very happy baby. 
 But there are a couple of things I hate: tummy time, getting a shirt put on me, getting my fingernails trimmed and having my nose cleaned out. 
Well, that's about it for Two Month Old Me. I know that I am abundantly loved and wonderfully made. 
Until next month,


  1. Happy Two Months, Mr. Cruz Man! Auntie Co loves you!

  2. Happy 2 month birthday Cruz!

  3. Too cute. I just want to squeeze him! Auntie Beth


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