December 6, 2010


Want to know why we're in a celebratory mood today?

Cruz. Slept. Through. The. Night.

That's right, my boy is a genius. I don't mind bragging about this because I did absolutely nothing to get him to this point. In fact, just because he slept through the night doesn't mean that I did. I woke up at 4:30 am, a little surprised at how late it was. I listened for his little baby noises and drifted back to sleep. By 5:15, I was slightly worried. I rolled out of bed to put my hand lightly on Cruz's chest. Yup, still breathing. Back to sleep. When he finally cried shortly after 6, I jumped out of bed, more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than I remember being in a long time.

So how did he get that tuckered out? Maybe it's from doing activities 
all day long.

Or from watching the ornaments I hung over his changing table. As soon as Cruz sees those ornaments, he starts cooing, chatting, and kicking his legs like he's running. We've been hanging out at the changing table a lot lately. Cruz has a serious crush on those ornaments. They are his  Evangeline. (Oh, you haven't seen The Princess and the Frog? Go watch it right now. It's your new favorite.)

But whatever the reason, I sure am proud of my baby! And this may not happen again for months... I'm just living in the moment of a full night of rest!

NOTE: Lest you think it's all roses... a full night of sleep equals a SERIOUS diaper situation in the morning. By 7am we were doing laundry and had taken a bath...


  1. YAHOOOOO! Love that you're celebrating these little victories! :) Cruz is a champ!! Love and miss you both. Xoxo

  2. We love and miss you too! Cruz is so lucky to have you for an auntie. :)

  3. evangeline!! {sigh} never have i cried so hard at the death of a bug.

    way to go cruz! you're the best.


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