January 30, 2011

Don't Leave Baby in the Corner

Picture this. I am innocently working at my computer on Thursday afternoon. Cruz is playing in his Baby Einstein aquarium world. As usual, he's babbling to himself, and trying to get the dangling fishies into his mouth. 

Aw, so cute, I think to myself, and then innocently turn back to my project. 

Ho ho, thinks Cruz, I have tricks up my sleeve, woman.

A minute later, I glance to my right and see that Cruz is hard at work, rolling from side to side. This is a new game! He's really starting to gain momentum, and also trying hard to grab at the toys. I'm enchanted {insert major eyeroll from readers. Of course she's enchanted! She thinks it's cute when he poops!}. The rolls are getting bigger, faster, until finally...

Face plant.

Um, excuse me? I say to the baby. You are not supposed to be able to do this for a longlonglong time. I finally rescue his arms, which are pinned underneath him, and let him flip back over. 

I send a quick text to my mom. Cruz just rolled onto his tummy. But then quickly followed it up with another: Twice.

So we have a mobile baby. Here's a list of the places we're no longer able to stash him:
on the bed, while I dry my hair
on the changing table, while I grab a new outfit
on the couch, so I can get a snack

I think life just got more complicated.


  1. What a precocious boy!! Poor you!
    He is a sweetie!

  2. I'm starting to theorize that this is a consistent trait of all little boys who have at least one parent that plays soccer! The adventure begins! :-)


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