January 22, 2011

Remember When?

Cruz has been asking to go to bed earlier {I know! What a kid!}. So I had some extra time last night. I love love love waking up to a clean kitchen, so I did the dishes, wiped down the counters. Still some time before bed. A little voice in my head whispered, "you should go work out." 

Now, I have no desperate need to be completely back in shape at this point. But let's be honest, as much fun as it would be to buy a whole new work wardrobe, it's not very practical and wise. So there's that. Also, the hubs is a personal trainer, and there's no need for a cobbler's wife situation here. And for Pete's sake... we have a fitness studio in our own home!

But did I go work out, no no I did not. Bed and young adult fiction beckoned, and I answered. Of course, I am trying to be disciplined and not let "hey, I just had a baby" be my answer to why I'm slacking off on everything. So like a good kid, I laid out my workout clothes in the bathroom and set my alarm. 

Cruz has been nostalgic of late. He has been recalling the days of his youth. With that earlier bedtime comes an earlier wake-up time. "Hey Mama, remember when we used to see each other in the middle of the night?" 

But really, how could I resist this face?

I can't! I honestly don't mind our little 4:30am reunions!

But, suffice it to say, this trip down memory lane has not propelled me back into the gym...

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