January 1, 2011

On Smiles

At this moment in time, I happen to know a lot of gals who also have baby boys. According to everything posted online, these baby boys are some of the most adorable and smiley children around! I find myself sitting around thinking, "how do they get their boys to smile this stinkin' much?" And then I feel like a horrible mama because Cruz is smiley but not that smiley.

And then, of course, I remember the truth. I am comparing their best with my worst. For all I know, you, dear reader, could be convinced that Cruz and I sit around (well, that part is true), smiling gorgeous smiles all day long. (*Not that these boys aren't super smiley! I know for a fact that they all have incredible Mamas. This is just my own small Mama journey.) But the point of this particular blog is to give you a glimpse of the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have nothing to convince you of. I am not trying to sell you on my skills as a Mama or the benefits of having a baby (unless you are my best friend, and then yes, yes I am trying to sell you on getting pregnant). So back to our smiley pictures...

Full disclosure! Cruz is a paci addict. The majority of his pictures should look like this
What the heck is he doing with his arm? He's been doing this all day long.  So hot for 2011.

It's also just hard to capture those gorgeous smiles! Cruz is fascinated by my iphone (he does not take after the Amish side of the fam), and he gets this dreamy, alert look whenever I try to take a picture of him. For every picture like this:
There are about ten like this:

Although, that is still awfully cute. 

While we're on the subject of full disclosure, remember the outfit I was so excited about the other day? Well, not only did it have spit-up straight down the back (before I put it on)... those are all pieces of clothing that I've acquired post-pregnancy. I am only 8 pounds heavier than I was during my first trimester (when I couldn't keep a meal down for months, so no weight gain there), but wow my clothes just don't fit the same way. Anyone in need of a JCrew/Ann Taylor Loft wardrobe make-over should feel free to stop by my closet and help herself. 

Full disclosure again! I feel like I dress like a total mom now (again, this will change on Jan 10 when We Head Back to Work). I own a pair of jeggings! Profound apologies for any snarky comments I may have made in the past regarding jeggings. They are brilliant and amazing. If only they came in Spit-Up Beige...


  1. Becca, I love reading little snippets from your journey in motherhood. I'm so excited for you friend. Oh, and I would take your wardrobe, if only I fit into anything that you could've worn pre-pregnancy...haha! Sending you best wishes for this new year!

  2. While your clothes may not fit the same as they use to... You're still the hottest mama I know! Keep up the good work, pretty lady! And I beg to differ on Smiley Cruz- pretty sure he was ALL smiles on NYE! Loooove that lil' man!

  3. Becca,

    I'm with you on the clothes. I have about 8 -10 pounds to go and while I can fit into some of my clothes, they don't fit the same and honestly they don't really look good. I love all my workout pants these days! Maybe it's time for me to just brake down and go buy some new clothes.

    And I have to admit, I only post the good pictures of Connor too! I wish he smiled and laughed as much as it appears that he does in his photos. I think the most common look of Connor is him with Milk drool coming out of his mouth!

    I love your blog...because I can totally relate!

    - Kimberly

  4. You girls are all so sweet. I feel really touched that you are reading about my adventures and lessons, and if you can relate in any way... it makes my day! I feel especially thankful that Cruz has so many amazing people in his life cheering him on. What a good team we have! :)


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