January 18, 2011

A Friday Afternoon

Cruz and I went to visit Carrie at Westmont College last Friday after work. The Mont is one of my most favorite places in the world. My four years there were some of my most formative and joyful. I take every chance I can get to go back up to campus. Unbelievably, our five-year reunion was last October, just one week before Cruz was born. 

{Apparently, I had passed the "looking cute while pregnant stage" sometime 
during Homecoming.}

So it was with great anticipation that I brought Cruz to his first campus visit.

It was a gorgeous day; something stolen from summer. Reliving our student days, Carrie and I spread a blanket out on the lawn and ate cupcakes. Back when we were students, we would have taken a nap in the sun, waking up only when it became dark and dewy and it was time for dinner.

We all have our hopes and dreams for Cruz. Cruz owns more soccer jerseys than is imaginable {we all want him to be a soccer player like daddy}. Cruz owns shelves and shelves of books {we all want him to be a voracious reader like mama}. Forget about trying to see who he looks like, we're always trying to figure out his personality and future based on Tovi and I. 

Cruz seems to like animals. They really capture his attention. He also likes looking in the mirror. And doesn't like smiling for pictures. 

Do I have a vain yet morose zoologist on my hands?

The truth is that I don't care. Cruz, your whole life we will say things like, "You're a soccer player, just like Daddy." "When you go to Westmont, you'll want to live in Armington, right? And be an RA just like Mama?" But don't listen to us.

You know my prayer for you-- That you will be healthy, happy, and strong in the Lord. That you will love God and love people.

Everything else is just cake.

But if you chose to eat that cake out on the Westmont lawn before taking a nap in the sun with your best friends, well, that's just fine with me. 

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