January 5, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

Woo woo! It's Wednesday!

Someone was still a little sleepy... but don't you love those striped pants?!  I want like seven more pairs. For him. I guess.

Jeans and a cardigan. OMG.

This outfit is kind of boring from the front...

But has a monkey face on the back!
{NOTE: Now that Cruz can roll, tummy time is practically nonexistent! I tried to get a bum picture like five times before I could capture this one. He just flips over so fast!}

Sleepy time! Football jammies.


  1. Holy moly that jeans and cardigan outfit is beyond words cute!! He could be on the cover of a magazine

  2. I need to find a Gap casting call. This boy could be making us some money.

  3. Becca, the 2nd picture from the top down Cruz looks a lotttt like Julia! How sweet :)


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