March 23, 2011

What {We} Wore on Wednesday

Guess who I saw this morning?
A Chunk.
Where did all this delightful chub come from? He must be eating crackers in his crib.
This was our first all cloth diaper day... so fun! 
When you are five-and-a-half months old, the world is {such} an interesting place. Cruz loves to look out the windows!
Bride and Baby

Oh wait... did you ask what {we} were wearing today?

It's my fab new headband from WallflowersInc! And you can have one too. You can win the accessory of your choice by doing one or more of the following (each items gets you an entry into the drawing):
1. Leave a comment letting me know which accessory you'd like to win!
2. Become a follower of While You Were Napping
3. Like this post on Facebook

Seriously, you should enter. I got like a bajillion compliments on my headband today. And when this is your other accessory, that says a lot. 


  1. Oh "Chunk", you make me chuckle with joy! What a blessing to have such a healthy, happy "Chunk"! Love to you all, Auntie Beth

  2. I somehow missed this post last week, and was missing my weekly view of Cruz, you, and clothes! Glad I found it! Carrie


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