March 2, 2011

What He Wore on Wednesday

Bringing the baby to work means that one minute I might be singing "Wheels on the Bus" while changing a diaper and then next minute I will be reading something like this: 
Lakoff and Johnson rejected the rationalistic notions of Kantean schemata, Chomskyan autonomous syntax and other strong versions of mental modules, as well as poststructuralist views of the arbitrariness of signs and the relativism of signification. They extend their philosophy beyond epistemology to morality and metaphysics.
 [Pavio, et al]
Hey! Would you look at the time? Let's see some baby pictures.

 I guess I wasn't too worried about wiping his mouth before snapping a picture this morning.
I mean, really. Should I drop this kid off at Baby Gap headquarters and just wait for the checks to start showing up?
Tovi and Cruz had a "Man Date" today. They assured me that they would get dirty and probably shoot bows and arrows. Really good manly stuff. I should not be surprised that Cruz ended up in a soccer outfit.
Night night, y'all!

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