March 29, 2011

While You Are Napping

Today while you are napping, I am sitting in my office, in the dark, way past closing time. You have not napped very well today, and I hate to wake you up. I will give you fifteen more minutes, and then we're hittin' the road, sir.

I am in my office, where I have spent most Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays and the very occasional Saturday. I have a bulletin board full of pictures and notes from students ("Your berry cool!"). I have a really fabulous Pottery Barn desk (it has tiny compartments built into the drawers. Organizational swoon). I have baby in a basket, napping on my bookshelf. There are piles of files on top of my desk and a coffee cup next to the phone, which I meant to wash last week.

There are boxes on the floor that are starting to fill up.

Yup, that's right, we're packing.

Starting on Monday morning, I will have a new boss.

This boss likes to communicate "big picture" rather than details. The "what" if not always the "how" or "why."

My new boss has a demanding schedule. I will be on call much more often than 8-5.

This new guy likes to have his hands in everything we do.

He is happiest when we are growing and changing. He is not satisfied with staying the course or keeping to the status quo.

He is convinced that this company is ready to stand on it's own two feet.
And, shhh, for the love, don't tell my husband... but I think he's pretty cute. 

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  1. Does this mean you get to work for Cruz full-time?!! Love, Auntie Beth


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