March 4, 2011

I rest my hand on his chest to make sure he's breathing in the middle of the night

Certainly I'm not the first mama to have big ideas about parenting before realizing the reality of the situation.
As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I bought Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven and had a lot of ideals about eating great while I was pregnant.
Organic. Spinach. Nothing processed.
Then I started throwing up seven times a day and ate McDonald's vanilla milkshakes, potato chips and bacon. 
Oh lord, the BACON. 

Attachment parenting is something else that I had scoffed at pre-baby. To me, attachment parenting conjured up images of eight year olds who cling to their parents and parents who have never said no. 
Not pretty. 
I had a lot of ideas in this arena. 
My child was going to be on a schedule.
My child would sleep in his own room by three months.
And etc.

But here we are, almost five months into this journey, and guess what, Pre-Baby Judgmental Me? We have accidently done attachment parenting!
Feeding on cue? Yup. 
Breastfeeding? Not only are we breastfeeding, I love it and hope we'll do it for at least a year.
Sleeping close to each other...
Compromising on a nap schedule...
And guess what, I love it. Baby and I are bonded far beyond what I could have imagined. He is happy, adjusted, social and darn cute. {Ahem... this does not mean I think this is the only you shoulda coulda woulda bond with your baby. No no no. Me With A Baby is simply giving a gentle correction to Me With No Baby}

But tonight we are taking a giant leap forward.
Right now, as we speak, Cruz is sleeping in his own room.
I have to tell you this because I am freaking out!
He's just a little guy and the world is so big. 
I am not ready to send him out into it yet.
{um... you are thinking. He's sleeping in his crib, woman. This is not exactly sleep-away camp or a semester abroad}
I hear you, but still.
So little!

So Lord, please watch over my little guy tonight. If you have any extra Jammie Angels who'd like to hang out in Cruz's nursery, they'll be welcome tonight. 

{Morning After Update}

So I may not have slept too well, but this guy sure looks happy!


  1. What a handsome guy. Don't feel like you have to stop at a year!


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