March 8, 2011


We are a little bit under the weather these days. So Cruz and I have been using tea tree oil to cure all that ails us. 

Some of us are losing hair like cray-zee and some of us are finally growing some.

At Macy's today we met an 85 year old woman named Pearl. Cruz thinks that Pearl is Where It's At. And he's right. 

I gave this guy a bath. 

Hey Cruz... didn't you know that sick days are for staying in your jammies, snuggling and watching movies all day? You have a lot to learn about life.

Cruz's high chair came in the mail today. This kid is getting ridiculously old. Like, he'll be five months old on Friday. Get out of town!

Remember when I told you that our family is starting some new adventures? Well, here's one piece of that... in April, we are switching to cloth diapers.

Do you ever think that some things are myths until they happen to you? Like morning sickness, senioritis and the four month sleep regression?

Speaking of... maybe I should give up sleeping through the night for Lent. Ha ha! A holier-than-thou attitude might freshen up our 3am wakefests.

Cruz and I had a good snuggle while catching up on The Bachelor. So who do you think he'll pick next week? Emily? Chantal? A personality?

Happy Tues, everyone. 


  1. my vote is in for emily. they are equally wooden characters.

    hi, cruz!

  2. Brad and Padma from Top Chef could start a new tv show: So You Think You're A Robot?


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