March 28, 2011

Awkward and Awesome... and a Winner!

Sydney at The Daybook invented Awkward and Awesome. I think I would like to be her friend. Isn't she cute?
She writes Awkward and Awesome on Thursdays. I know it's Monday, but what the heck, people, life is short.

Realizing that your boy now asks for a meal by pulling down your shirt.
Realizing this at the office.
Nursing under a cover and having one lone chunky hand reach up and grab your lips while you're talking.
Standing in front of the church as a bridesmaid and hearing your baby cry in the middle of the sermon. And then again during the mealtime prayer. 
Trying to explain why I love the show Sister Wives.
Getting to a restaurant waaaaay before the rest of your party. The waitress tried valiantly to make small talk with me. But let me tell you, small talk is not my spiritual gift, ma'am.

Being a  bridesmaid in a breathtakingly beautiful wedding. 
Listening to two people make lifelong marriage vows and thrilling as I remember and cherish my own.
Kicking someone's butt in our March Madness bracket. 
The new season of Sister Wives.
I was at my wit's end trying to get everything done (in the pouring rain!) when a good friend called and offered to help me out by going to the store for me. Yes, yes a thousand times yes.
Spending the weekend with some besties from college.
Cloth diapers, y'all. Can't believe I was ever a hater. 

And we have a winner!!
{KIMBERLY} is the lucky new owner for her very own Wallflowers Inc accessory.
Send me an email:
and we can talk details.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated. :D


  1. I can't explain why I love Sister Wives, either, Becca! All my co-workers (and husband) think I am crazy. But I can't. stop. watching. - Chrissy

  2. I'm gonna be honest... there have been times when I'm home alone with Cruz, desperate for a shower or lunch and I think to myself, "I could use a sister wife around here..."

  3. If we are going to be honest, I'll admit I choked up a bit when Meri told the story about her sister getting sick and always having peace knowing her sister-wife would take care of her children as her own.

    Sounds like you need a sister-au-pair. Just for the shower and lunch part ;)


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