March 15, 2011

... how vast beyond all measure...

We were taking a nap the other day, Cruz and I. 
He woke up before I was really done with my nap, so I pulled him into bed for a snuggle. I snoozed while he babbled and pulled my hair. 
After a few minutes of batting away his drool-soaked paws, I opened my eyes to find him staring into mine. 
Like a bolt of lightening.

Bone of my bone. Flesh of my flesh.

There was a deep look, soul to soul. Here he is, my personal miracle, mine miney all mine. 
 But here I am, in the middle of Lent, so aware of my sin, of my downfall.
I could never deserve this love. In that moment I felt so small and weak. 
No matter how I stack up, I fall short.
I lose patience.
I feel smug.
I slack off. 
And yet...
Again and again, I am in awe of the grace we've been given in Christ. That I, so small, so weak, have been given such a perfect gift

... how vast beyond all measure...

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