March 13, 2011

Hey, It's Me! Five Month Old Cruz

Hey All! Cruz here. I am five months old and super busy!
I go to work with Mama, play with my babysitters, have Man Time with Daddy, and go to MOPS! This month I spent a lot of time with GramB and Grandpa E, and Grandma N. My cousin Andersen and Auntie Em came to visit as well. I am a baby on the go!
I roll {a lot} and I am starting to sit up. 
And guess what I found?
My toes!!!
They come with me everywhere and are oh so much fun. 
If something passes near me, I try to eat it. 
My Mama checks to see if I have any teeth about once an hour.
Woman, I will let you know. 
New York's hottest night club is Chew...
All in all, I think I'm a pretty easy going baby. I babble. I giggle. I love to splash in the bath.
I sit in my high chair during dinner time and I add a {lot} to the conversation. 
I've developed a high pitched shriek. It's a super fun noise to make. 
Life just keeps getting more fun!

Love and drool,


  1. I just want to squeeze you, Cruz! Life is good for you! You are thriving with all the love around you! Happy five months! Love, Auntie Beth

  2. Thank you for all your sweet posts. We feel the love all the way from Indiana to California! xo

  3. literally laughed out loud at "new yorks's hottest nightclub" does chew have human suitcases?

    love you guys!


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