April 28, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

Good morning, friends!
Yesterday was a weird day. It involved a couple of  frantic embarrassing calls to the pediatrician, weaning off the swaddle (like a champ!), adventures in infant probiotics.
And apparently a lot of orange.
I won't even tell you what happened to his first outfit of the day. Unless you're my mom, and then you already had to sit through that fun play-by-play. 
Thanks for the romper, Auntie Co!

Off to watch the Fulham game!
Last night Chris Harrison tweeted about the Fulham match... it was like a twitter representation of our marriage. Worlds collided.
Thanks for the cool soccer sneaks, Tia Milady!
Cruz is obsessed with this orange cup. Let's be honest, I am too.


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