April 26, 2011

Do You Think Albertsons Reads My Blog?

Because we went yesterday and had a great time!
1. We ran over, which is totally fun. Without a baby, I would never run to the grocery store. That's weird, right? Somehow, with a baby, this makes total sense.
In our trusty BOB
2. They had organic baby food, so we tried a jar. Cruz loved it! Apparently the lovingly prepared homemade stuff is not what the cool kids are eating these days.
3. A young man let me go ahead of him in line at the deli because of the baby. First time ever!
4. As we were leaving, a cashier ran after us... to give us these!
Abby was really scared of them.
5. I got hungry on the way home and ate some ham right out of the package. 
Liz Lemon approved.
"You're the best! You're on top! Somebody bring me some ham!"
6. And how did I thank Albertsons for a great morning of shopping?
Well, when I got home, I put away the groceries, and realized that I had accidentally stolen a carton of eggs.
That's how.

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  1. Ha! hilarious! Don't worry ive forgotten to put groceries in my car and just left them in the cart so often I bet it evens out your eggs :) also, You liz are my heros!


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