April 20, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

This week we had a harder time finding an outfit because this boy is GROWING.
I just went shopping to "get him a few things" in the 6-9 month area, but he really needs them now. Crazy pants.
Our dream has come true-- Abby and Cruz are friends!
Also, it is incredibly difficult to get a picture of both of them looking cute!
I've noticed that Cruz was more round-faced than usual today. Must be all those bananas he's eating now!
Sleeeeepy baby. Every night we read a chapter out of The Jesus Storybook Bible. Even if you don't have a child, you should get this book immediately. It is beautifully illustrated and profound in its theology. Also, I cry in almost every chapter. 

Love YOU!

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  1. I toTally cry everytime I read the storybook bible too! I love how it makes Jesus and His love for us so present throughout all of scripture!


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