April 6, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

You may or may not have noticed that we are going through way less outfits these days.
Wait, you don't keep track of that the way I do? Huh.
I have been mulling the problem of how to showcase a lot of great outfits when he's only wearing one a day.
And I have come up with a solution...
Costume changes!
I tried to get a lot of chubby leg shots today. I hope you appreciate, as I do, the chub that spills over the kneecaps. Delish.
Thank goodness for drool, because that allowed us to change into a new outfit. 
Okay, I know that I'm the Mama here, and I'm incredibly biased... but I think Cruz is justabout to crawl. Here he is, trying very very hard to get his toys that I have maddeningly put just out of his reach. Bwahaha.
Getting ready for bed...
We like to devour our literature before bedtime.
Bedtime for Bonzo!

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  1. Cruz,you are a gorgeous, happy baby! (You have cute clothes,too!) Love, Auntie Beth


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