April 18, 2011

My Life As Liz {Lemon}

So a big thing to do in your average mommy blog, is to do a post on the awesome craft projects you regularly make with your cute children. 
If you know me at all, you know that I am not crafty. At. All.
But I thought... what the heck! Might as well give this a try.

{Don't you wish sarcasm came in a font?}

1. Start with your latest issue of InStyle. Decide which face you would like to cut out. Heidi? Reese? Gwen? For our project today, Cruz and I settled on Tina.

2. Cut out face.

3. Grab an extra chopstick leftover from Chinese takeout that has been sitting in your junk drawer, perhaps for years. Tape the face to one end of the stick.

4. After you have finished eating frosting out of the tub with a spoon (you heard me, sister!), rinse it out and cut a hole in the bottom. 
That's a dealbreaker, ladies!

5. Delight your child and wow your friends! We will now spend hours and hours playing "Where's Tina?" with our 30-Rock-in-a-Box. 
Isn't that hilarious? Are you lizzing??


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