April 4, 2011

Getting Pretty Comfortable Up Here On This Bandwagon

Can I bore you death with a talk about cloth diapers?
Last weekend two of my closest girlfriends were spending the weekend with us. We sat around in the living room chatting one morning, and later that afternoon I realized, 
"I talked to them about cloth diapering for thirty minutes. Thirty minutes. Do they even want to stay friends??"
Suffice it to say that there is very little I don't l-o-v-e about cloth diapers.
Get out of town. The diapers match his room!

Here are some other things that I've gotten on the bandwagon with:

Greek yogurt. That stuff is awesome!

Sleep training.  After several {rough} nights, I realized that I have spent weeks making excuses for why Cruz is no longer sleeping through the night. 
Time to get it together, people.
Our method du jour is The Baby Whisperer. 
Cruz hasn't slept through the night using it yet, but I am feeling much more in control of the situation. 
And I get it. Sleeping through the night is not necessarily the goal.
The goal is happy, healthy baby and a semi-coherent mum.
Cruz is allegedly taking a nap in this very crib.

Katy Perry. Cruz is a huge fan, so I have become one too. Weird, huh?

Meal replacement bars. I mean seriously... who is eating three great meals a day these days? If I have a bar for breakfast or lunch, I notice that I snack way less. This is good, because who has time to snack? Also, we are going to Hawaii in a few weeks. Are we crazy? Am I expected to wear a swim suit six months after giving birth? Don't get me wrong-- I am quite excited to go. But it wouldn't hurt me to keep hoppin' on the meal replacement bar bandwagon. Here are my faves

Well, I think that's about it for today! Wanna see a cute face? I thought you'd never ask!


  1. i could talk about cloth diapers all day too! in general they are way under rated and deserve a bit more hype. :)

  2. well, huge thanks to you! i definitely couldn't have made the switch so easily without your expertise and encouragement. sooooo glad we did it.


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