April 25, 2011

A Very Cruz-Man Easter

Easter is one of my all-time favorite holidays. 
Wanna know why?
Because I'm a big nerd, that's why.
Growing up, Easter meant a lot of church.
Sunrise service.
Breakfast at church.
Hymn sing.
Regular service.
And I LOVED it!

But it has been a lot of fun for our little family to start our own Easter traditions.
And this year they started very early in the morning as well.
That's Heather! My old Bible study/puppy playdate/running buddy.
Our church sponsored the first annual run4hope to benefit Bridges of Hope, 
an incredible ministry we're associated with in South Africa.
Tovi decided to run in the race!

I was impressed. Cruz... less so.

Good thing Tovi runs fast! As soon as he finished, we rushed home to change outfits

 and then raced to the Easter service at the Santa Barbara Courthouse.
Ok... so Cruz has trouble staying asleep in his own room, which at this point 
REVOLVES around sleeping, 
but outdoors with thousands of people singing? No prob. Perfect time for a nap.
Then we were off to a lovely Easter lunch with Gramby, Grandpa, Cruz's 
Tio and Tia visiting from Mozambique and his Prima Teka. 
Naps all around and then it was time for Easter baskets.
The basket itself was definitely the most fun part. 
Later, Tovi and I were talking about how Easter had so much more meaning for us as parents. 
The nature of the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross... the overwhelming love the Father has for us... it all has new meaning.
 I am so thankful for that new perspective.
And thankful for these silly guys!
Happy Easter! He is Risen!

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