April 12, 2011

Hi, It's Me. Six-Month Old Cruz!

Holla-back, y'all. It's my half-birthday.
I have a very busy day, but I'm glad I can stop by to say hello. 
I usually start my mornings with a good round of jumping in my jumperoo.
Then I sit in my high chair while Mama eats breakfast. She reads me her devotional for the day and we get to talk.
Today I even tried eating cereal for the first time!
But it was pretty gross.
The world is {such} an interesting place. I investigate everything that comes across my path. Some of my favorite things are my toys, music, sweatshirt strings, my daddy's scratchy face, paper....
Everything is within my investigatory jurisdiction.

My new favorite is Abby. That's what I look like when I see her furry face!
But really, REALLY, nothing makes me happier than just playing with the people I love.
Until next time!

Hugs and drools,


  1. Happy 1/2 Birthday Cruz! I wonder if we should introduce you to Harvey J yet...

  2. Yes! I know a boy and a mama that would really, really like that. :)


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