February 2, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

This is my second week back at full-time hours at work. While not everything is how I intend for it to be, I think we're doing alright! Frankly, it's a pretty empowering feeling to know that I'm working thirty hours a week, raising my son, cheering for my husband, writing a blog, being a bridesmaid and occasionally going for a run (re: fitting into my bridesmaid dress!).

Just don't ask me about my kitchen floors or the last time I plucked my eyebrows.

Want to see some pictures of a chubby baby? I thought you'd never ask!

These dog jammies are the cat's pajamas.

Do you agree the babies in handmade beanies are the cutest thing ever?

Hanging out at work, chewing on stuff, making sure Mama stays on task!

We came home at lunch to change, play and then Cruz hangs out with his babysitter. Who knows how long he wore this outfit...

because when I came home he was wearing this one!

As I took this picture, this outfit was finished for the day. True story. So then we were off to Auntie Sarah's house!

And finished off the day with new striped jammers.


  1. Baby Jeans @ work? OMG. So cute.

  2. He wasn't interested in waiting until Casual Friday to bust these babies out.

  3. I was going to ask which charity he was supporting...


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