February 21, 2011

Hi, It's Me. Four Month Old Cruz.

Oh hey guys! It's me, Cruz. And I'm four months old now.

Being four months old is awesome. 

I weigh 14 pounds and am in the 40th percentile in all baby measurement categories. So in proportion.

I know all about toes! I grab these puppies every chance I get. Actually, I grab {everything} I can get my paws on. Toys, hair, stuffed animals, rings... and then everything goes into my mouth. Delish.

I love to look around. Anything with a face is interesting to me! I also love music and dancing. Mama and I play Baby Dance Party every chance we get. I like regular kid's songs and also Katy Perry.

I have a lot to say! Just last night I woke up several times just to talk to my Mama and Daddy. 

This is my new trick:

I flip over every chance I get. As soon as Mama tries to get me dressed, I flip over. She rolls me back, grabs a onesie... I flip over. She rolls me back, grabs a onesie... it's a good game.

I am a really happy baby. I smile, giggle, and chatter all day long. As my Vovo says, "Life is good."


  1. dude - Cruz - LOVE your new trick! had to replay that one a few times.

  2. Cruz stars in the onesie! It's my favorite outfit of all! Love, Auntie Beth


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