February 7, 2011

Dear Lady

Dear Mama-in-Training,

I watched you with your baby, and wanted to bring something to your attention. Remember when you swaddled your son, held him in your arms for two minutes and then laid him down for a nap? Well, I'm sorry to say that you aren't having the real experience of being a mom.* That was just too easy. So after you change seven poopy diapers, feed the baby six times, pump during your 30 hour work week, sing loudly in the car to calm a crying baby, juggle baby and housework, google every developmental milestone, pray over the baby, do tummy time, give him new experiences daily, make faces-read-snuggle-dance all to get that elusive giggle... maybe you could try to keep him up and crying. Because then you'll really feel like a mom. For reals.

Lots of love,
The Lady

* Yup. Actual quote. True story. 

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