February 10, 2011

Sarcasm as a Coping Mechanism

I had a cute post planned for today. It was not to be. 

This morning I overheard people I know talking about how you shouldn't have kids in your twenties. You know, because you aren't mature enough. And you just want to party. Um, ahem. I can hear you. Also you know me. Also I'm a pretty good mom so far. So obviously I did the mature thing. 

Sat in my office, cheeks burning, and drank a margarita.

I jest. But it was that kind of day. 

I was pooped on at work. I was peed on as I took Cruz out of the tub. 

I'm still in some of those same clothes because for the first time, I feel like I can't keep up with the laundry. 

Instead of the pasta from Pioneer Woman that I've been drooling over in my cook's heart, I am cooking a hamburger for dinner. Which is actually a step up from the bowl of cereal I contemplated eating earlier. 

I thought I had put my hair up in a high, sexy bun. You know, something that said, I'm so cute I don't even need to try. I looked at myself in the mirror. I look like a Who from Whoville. A Who wearing clothes that may or may not be covered in dirty bath water, spit up and baby urine. 

Hey! Look at the time. Are you trying to mosey on out of here or something? 

Will I convince you to stay if I tell you that Cruz found his toes today? He can curl himself into a delightful ball of baby. Been rocking back and forth all evening, grabbing onto those pups. I've already called Cirque du Soleil to let them know about my Wonder Boy. 

As a parting gift, I leave you with some Chub du Cruz.


  1. Becca, you knew when was right for you and Tovi - you guys go! It's like the people who tell R&I we need to have kids right away, because who wants to have kids in your THIRTIES?!?!?!?! I have been told my body will obviously be ruined for LIFE if I give birth after age 29. I've heard there's no way we will EVER be able to keep up with kids by our mid-30s (since apparently, after 29, you can't bend, use a walker, and sleep 14 hours a day?)

    The truth is, we got married at 24/27. We don't want kids right away. By waiting 4-5 years, we'll probably be better parents... false teeth, Depends and all.

    (And really, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE THAT SAY THESE THINGS? It's really unbelievable.)

  2. Oh Becca, you really cracked me up with your post! Keep your sense of humor! You're doing a good job. Cruz is a wonder boy! Love, Auntie Beth

  3. CKY-- I love your passion. :) In all honesty, I know that if I had awkwardly poked my way into that particular conversation, everyone would have insisted that I don't fit that mold and they weren't talking about me. So I wasn't mad about it, just embarrassed. A good friend reminded me this morning that we both caught flack from "people" about getting married young or not living with our husbands before marriage. And isn't that just the problem with sweeping generalizations? They so rarely work out in the personal. All I can do is extend grace (to them and myself) and feel strong ownership about the decisions we're making. But yes, start stocking up on Depends. :P

    Auntie Beth-- I just love you! Thank you for all your encouragement and love. Wish you were closer to snuggle this little guy (and for our dude to play with your grandbabies!)

  4. as a fellow 20-something mom sporting the pee & spit up look for a super romantic v-day ;), i have to say you are a great mom Becca. thanks for the encouragement. Cruz is blessed to have you!


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