May 25, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

It seems like Wednesday was just two days ago...

Cruz usually wakes up very cheerfully. 
But not today.

I don't know what he was upset about, but it couldn't be his new monkey surfing jammies!
So... I'm trying to be conscious of the chemicals that I use in the house, especially around and for the baby.
I love fluffy, soft laundry, but have felt uncomfortable using fabric softeners, even the free and clear kind.
Yesterday I added 1/4 cup of white vinegar to his laundry, and all the clothes came out fluffier than ever.
Seriously, I use white vinegar for everything.
It always smells like Easter in my house.
(You know, like we're dying eggs with the vinegar!)
So there's your helpful hint of the day.
In other news...

How cute is this robot shirt?
Have you ever heard of
That's where we got it.
You trade boxes of used clothes with other families.
You don't know exactly what you'll be getting, but the idea is that you'll like most of it.
And I like this robot shirt and the idea that we're being green-like.
(This has turned into a more granola-y post than originally intended!)
Time to focus... babies in jammies!

Hanna Andersen jammies at Costco? Be still my beating heart.
You had me at Dragons-Going-Camping.

Since Cruz cut his first pearly white, we've been calling him Sharptooth.
Well, today, Sharptooth became Sharpteeth.
We've got two!

xoxo. Love to you all.

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