May 30, 2011

How Many Teeth Do They Actually Need?

It is beginning to feel as if meu filho is cutting roughly 19 thousand teeth.
Mostly between the hours of 3-6am, doncha know that's the very best tooth cutting time, mom?

We have piles and piles of great teethers in this house.
But what would my son rather chew on?
I'll tell ya.

My empty VitaRain bottle.
All the equipment in our personal training studio.
The coffee table.
The dining table.
The edge of the high chair.
The strap of the car seat.
The straps on his overalls.
Soccer balls that belong to the dog.
The dog.

Jewels in your crown, Abby. Jewels in your crown.


  1. That is an amazing picture. Pretty frame-able and I laughed out loud at Abby and her jewels :) xo you.

  2. Haha, thanks! This is one of my favorite picture so far.


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