May 23, 2011

What He Wore Last Wednesday

Boy oh boy technical difficulties!

Can I get a "better late than never"?

Now that we're sooooo into solid foods, Cruz spends much he more time in his jammies.
Please note the banana stain on the wrist.
Also, these are some really cute crab jammies.
Cruz, someday your Auntie Ani will tell you her famous crab story...

Holy technical difficulties, Batman. 
There is a missing picture.
You know, the picture of his outfit.
"Someone" "may have" "deleted" it. "Accidently" I am sure.

Moving right along!
After his bath I like to give the baby a Cruzhawk.

And we're out.
Tovi calls these his jail jammies. 
If he's not careful, he'll be in them frogever.


  1. I'll tell you right now! Once upon a time I stepped on a crab and it pinched the bottom of my foot really hard. Later, I ate a crab for dinner...for the reckoning. What's the moral of the story cruz-man? Winning!


  2. The crab story is one of my earliest memories of you. "For the reckoning." You are hilarious.


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