May 6, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

We are having the time of our lives in Kauai!
Tovi and I love to travel. For all of you who have been wondering, yes, there is travel after baby!
It's been fun experiencing travel through Cruz's eyes.
And, obviously, his wardrobe.

Truth: I way overpacked for him. He has basically been hanging out in a onesie and diaper all week.
But you are in luck! I remembered it was Wednesday and actually put him in some outfits.

Time to wake up! Cruz has been sleeping like a champ here. He's going to be really annoying when we get home and he decides that he can only sleep with the sound of waves crashing underneath his window.
Cruz looked so cool at Waimea Canyon in his monster truck tee.
So did his dad...

But I was rocking function over fashion on Wednesday. Oh well.
Seriously, how sweet is that elephant shirt?
We came home from the Canyon and realized that Cruz had cut his first tooth!
If you are his grandma or aunt, you may want to know some additional Cruz milestones. I'll oblige.
Last week we had a check-up and Cruz is at the 50th percentile in every single category.
Blonde haired, blue-eyed, average height? Who is this kid?
{Also, he got two shots and a finger prick and kept babbling to the nurse through the whole ordeal. I love my kid}

Well, that's your little sneak peek of our trip... can't wait to share more when we get back.



  1. He's starting to look like a whole new person! A very very handsome one of course!

  2. Just some funny facts for you, as an aunt who giggles about my nephew's stats... My brother-in-law (and his WHOLE FAMILY) are short (his dad is my height, 5'4"), stout (about as wide as they are tall), and have thin hair. My nephew is in the 98% for height and is so skinny you can't keep pants on him now that he's not wearing full diapers. Also, though both of his parents were born "bald as eagles", he has had the most full and gorgeous head of blonde hair since birth. Who's kid is this, right?! Genetics is the most fun game ever. - Love,Chrissy

  3. Good pictures. Everyone looks so relaxed. Glad you had a good time!

  4. Ani-- he's like a real person now. It blows my mind. You held him when he was only hours old and now he's practically in college.

    Chrissy-- I love what a proud auntie you are! Your niece and nephew are lucky to have you. :) My nephew looks exactly like my brother-in-law, so I was expecting more of a striking familial resemblance in my son... I guess we'll have to wait and see!


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