May 14, 2011

For the May Bride

One week.
One week left to look at seating charts, 
get your nails done,
think about your hair,
I dos.

One week.
One week until we walk down the aisle with you.
We'll stand at your side.
We'll remember our vows as we whisper along to yours.
And we promise to help you remember them too.
You won't even believe how big our smiles will be.

One week.
One week until we stop counting weeks or days or hours.
And just start living life. 
{And we can't wait to live this life with you}

One week.
One week until Ms becomes Mrs.
Until me becomes we.
Until what has been hoped for is seen.

{Hey remember when we were in college and we would eat sammies from Vons on the Biltmore wall and you'd tell me about this guy you liked? Remember how he'll be waiting for you at the end of the aisle? Love that}


  1. Sweet friend. Your blog made me so happy tonight :) Thank you so much for being an amazing friend... I can't wait for Saturday. It means so much that I'll have you standing by me that day. Love you much - Co

  2. And I forgot to say... I sure am looking forward to eating that cake! :)


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