January 30, 2012

today while you napped

today while you napped, i furiously leapt into action.
dark laundry thrown into the washer.
breakfast swept away.
dog fed. blankets folded. bible put away.

i sat down and cranked out an hour of client phone calls before jumping into the shower and racing against the clock to blow dry my hair before you shout "up! uuuuppppp! mommmeeee!"

but you're still sleeping so i sit down to write.

and there you are. i'll come back to this later.


it's now like ten hours later.

cruz, i had wanted to write about motherhood and the choices i've made about working or not working and what i've learned from that and what i hope you learn from it and where i think God is calling our family in this season.

but i'm just tired.

not stressed tired and surprisingly not sleep-deprived tired because you were a horrific sleeper all weekend (that'll teach us to share a room with you!), but just full-from-dinner-and-i-have-a-good-book-waiting-on-my-kindle tired.

and while i have more thoughts on motherhood and working and God, they'll wait.
maybe that's the lesson you needed today anyhow.

ps: this is what you look like when you wake up, ya goofball.

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  1. We share a room with our not-so-great sleeper too. Sometimes it's hard but I love how close he is, how I can glance over and see him at any time, and how easy it is to get him and keep him in bed with us so he's right there when we all wake up. :)


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