January 21, 2012


i took cruz out for a run on tuesday.
the student that i tutor had cancelled and i suddenly had two free hours. 
lately i have been stressing about a lot of things, and finding time to exercise has been one of them. i mean, it's just priorities, right? but i can't seem to fit actual exercise into my day when there is so much exercise on pinterest to look at, do you feel what i am saying?

so into the bob stroller he went, cup of cheerios clasped in fist, and i turned on my new needtobreathe cd which is really good, kind of like a christian mumford and sons, so no swearing, but lots of old-timey outfits. you can't see the outfits when you're listening to the cd, of course. but i can still picture them. nice and old-timey. 

when i say we went for a run, i don't mean anything long and i certainly don't mean anything fast, but i do mean that we enjoyed ourselves and then we stopped off at the park on the way home. 

a mom and her daughter walked up the hill and joined us on the slides. 
"she's a baby!" the girl said, pointing at cruz.
"that's a boy," the mom corrected.
she looked at me. "gosh, you're so good to be running. i haven't exercised in forever." she gestured at her daughter.

i looked down at my running pants which were covered in woodchips. 
and baby snot.

see, i had just been thinking to myself that i looked like a mess and look at this mom who was so put together and had a cute vest with fur on the hood and really nice sunglasses and adorable shoes. she was calm, cool, collected and on her way to starbucks for hot chocolate which was super adorable. i hadn't showered and wasn't planning on it either, think about that

i looked at her and saw someone who had it all together. i felt inferior. she looked at me and saw the same thing (plus she saw someone who could build a boat or at least a small raft solely from the sticks of wood clinging to her bum).

so now i think we should just give each other grace. give ourselves grace. i don't have it together and frankly you don't either. and when we do have it all together, that's awesome! you having it together is no threat to me, just as i am not to you. so i'll love you and you love me and next time i'll ask you if you want to come running with us. 


  1. So true! I never have it together, so hopefully some random stranger I pass can feel better when they see me :) j/k! But thanks for the reminder that no one is perfect even when sometimes from the outside it appears so.
    P.s. I LOVE needtobreathe!

  2. bahaha - I'm definitely feelin' ya on the Pinterest fitness inspiration lol - except you actually did something about so way to go you :) Speaking of Pinterest, I saw a quote once that said "If you look pretty while exercising, you're not doing it right" - so no worries :)


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