January 16, 2012

fifteen months

cruz at fifteen months.

every day your dad and i look at each other and say, "this is the best age." we'll probably say the same thing in a few months, but seriously, you are a blast of a baby. you are funny. you have a kind heart. baby jesus answered my prayers and gave me a reader. you are easy going and easily pleased. i'm not even going to talk about how much you nap and sleep for fear of jinxing what we've got going on. i am amazed by how much you learn every day! and whatever you're up to, you are busy, busy, busy. here are a few of your favorite things: 

toy: our phones, the tv remote... when you can get your little paws on them! lately you've been playing with your trucks a lot, but you'd rather spend your time climbing than sitting and playing. 
 fruit: i can't shovel fruit in fast enough! no matter what it is, you'll eat it. 
tv show: ha! as if mommy would let you watch anything. ok, we sometimes watch elmo clips on youtube and you LOVE it. 
 food at lunch: fruit and crackers. could you be more of a toddler?
 outfit: naked! 
 game: for some reason you love to poke our eyes and shout "eyes! eyes!" it's kind of twisted.
animal: puppies are still the apple of your eye, but lions are coming in a close second. at christmas, your uncle josh taught you how to roar like one. you are also weirdly attached to the yak on your placemat.
song: "the wheels on the bus" or as you call it, "rou' rou'"
book: the very hungry caterpillar. we read this at least ten times a day. my world has changed since you learned how to say "again."
thing to do outside: we are lucky enough to live three houses away from a park. every day we take your "cozy coup" down the street, crawl on the equipment, and go down the slides. it's the perfect place to watch for airplanes and cars. 
thing to sleep with: your paci ("yassy"). dr iris thinks we're going to wean you off the pacifier at fifteen months, but she's wrong.

thanks for being so awesome, cruz. we love you. 


  1. He is such a good baby and so cute to boot!! Haha. What Dr. Iris doesn't know won't hurt her. :)

  2. Yes, he's pretty awesome. You have his hair swirled so nicely! Love and prayers, Aunt Beth

  3. thats the exact age brady was when we found out we were pregnant with peyton. :)

    he is so very cute, and you are a very good mommy!

    1. I have NO IDEA of how you juggled morning sickness with a 15 month old. You. Are. Amazing.

  4. I just saw a Fisher Price iPhone case that protects your phone so that babies can safely play whit it! Would this make the whole issue of him wanting your phone worse, or would it no longer seem like mommy's phone?
    I thought of Cruz as soon as I saw it:)


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