January 4, 2012

some things we've been learning lately

here are some things we've been learning lately: 

+ how to walk!!
in the morning when i rise, and in the evening when i put cruz to bed, i pray that he will learn to walk. 
i was going to give myself two more months of crawling before a full-on panic began. 
 crawling, you are so 2011.

+ all about snacks.
cruz lovingly says "sna" and gets all dreamy-faced when you give him a cracker.
we walked into trader joe's the other day and he pointed at the sample counter and began demanding "num num! num num!" 

+ don't start anything you can't finish.
this is the golden rule of raising a toddler.
now, i don't know it from experience (because obviously who in their right mind would do this), but i have this friend who let her 15 month old play with her iphone and now he makes it known that the phone is his every time he sees it. 
don't start anything you can't finish.

+ the iphone.
if you ever want to learn some cool tricks that your iphone does, hand it to a 15 month old. so i hear.

+ how to fly with a toddler.
we recently wrestled an octopus for two hours flew to seattle and back, and discovered that the two best things you can do on a flight are 1) feed that kid for the entire length of the trip and 2) sit behind another toddler.
if you can't do that, you're screwed.

+ that little pitchers have big ears.
as i've mentioned before, i like to watch the daily show while i get our breakfast ready.
yesterday "gitmo" was on to talk with jon stewart. gitmo is basically elmo with a beard, and who has been detained at guantanamo bay indefinitely. this sounds weird if you don't watch tds, and is a little weird even if you do.
well, cruz, who has never watched sesame street but voraciously reads elmo books, looked at my computer screen, started pointing and saying "e'mo! e'mo!"
if he starts saying, "this is the final rose," i'm really in trouble.

+ cruz is a teething champ.
on our way to the airport, i happened to glance into cruz's mouth and noticed that he had cut four new teeth without so much as a peep.
having endured my fair share of teething woes, all i can say is "bless you, boy."

+ language development is complex.
cruz points to a monkey. i say, "that's a monkey."
next time, cruz points to a monkey and says (something similar to) "monkey."
cruz dives for the tv remote. i take it away and says, "that's mommy's."
next time, cruz points to the remote and says, "mommy."


  1. I really like the black and white photos,especially with the sun shining on Cruz! I like "wrestled with an octopus for two hours". Love to your family. Aunt Beth

  2. On vacation, I let my niece (23 months) play with my phone. 30 seconds later, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was playing. I didn't know I had a TV app on my phone. Now, anytime she sees my phone, she gets this little attitude face and says, "My phone!". Then she demands, "MOUSE!" Looks I learned the hard way :)

  3. There Is a hilarious NPR clip about what babies really think about flying.


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