January 2, 2012

resolution #1: up with the dawn

a little uncharacteristically, i've made more than a few new year's resolutions.
for the last two years, my resolution has been to bring reusable bags to the grocery store (aim high!).
i'm pretty good at it now, and giddy with success, i've set my sights on improving myself.
(confession: i am writing this while watching the bachelor, so you are free to draw your own conclusions as to potential areas-of-life-to-improve)

here's resolution #1... to get up early every morning. 

cruz has an elmo book that we read many, many times a day ("e'mo!").
i realized today that i have the entire book memorized.
it is not a well-written book. 
one of the lines is, "farmers love to wake up early/roosters love to crow."
if this is a picture of someone who loves to wake up early, i am really in trouble.

so why am i doing this?
i have been getting up early (like, early early) for awhile, but i'm not always consistent about it.
my goal is to get up early every day, spend time praying, reading the Word, and getting prepared for the day before the rest of the family is up.

every morning i want His voice to be the first i hear.

to help me get up each morning, i am participating in the Hello Morning Challenge!
the idea is simple: you get up, have your morning cup of coffee with God, encourage the other women in your accountability group. 
i am so looking forward to walking with a new group of women as we strive to give Jesus the first and the best of our days.
to be a more patient mom, a more loving wife, a more dedicated employee, a more gracious daughter, a more joyful friend, a better steward of my time, resources... none of these happen unless He is at the center. 

want to get up early too?



  1. you are so good!!!! SO much better than me!!

  2. ha! i'm not good at all. that's why i have to do the challenge. :) lots of grace in the challenge.


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