January 13, 2012

going up the stairs

i have been too tired to write.

it seems like cruz has been at his most charming lately, but i just can't seem to get it all down on paper (computer screen?). new words, new sense of humor, new tricks. it's all just coming at me too fast.

and i work from home. now, it's not like i invented stress or anything, or that i have it worse than anyone else, but managing working from home is hard enough without being in a stressful season of work. do you ever get nervous before you open an email? do you feel me here?

obviously cruz thought this would be a great week to wean himself.
i have mixed feelings about this (duh), but i think my hormones are making me weepy. i have tears in my eyes just telling you about this, and the only thing i'm doing right now is typing while i'm on hold!

it has been a week.

so then this happened:

 cruz likes to go up stairs.
i start to carry him up (way faster, obviously)
"mommeeeeeeee," he says, straining out of my arms, noggin pointed straight down. 
i set him on the second or third step and he crawls up and down, up and down. 
he cannot stop giggling.

we weren't in a rush today, so i crawled next to him.
our hands were on the same step
cruz held my left in his right, picked it up and showed me how to get to the next step. 

mommy, why walk when you can crawl with me?



comments make my day. xo.

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